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letter from the editor Cake! m a g a z i n e PUBLISHER: Cake! Magazine is published by the Australian Cake Decorating Network Pty Ltd. ACN: 91 164 927 584. © All content copyright 2018 Australian Cake Decorating Network Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Reproduction any part of the magazine without written permission is prohibited. All prices included in Cake! Magazine are approximate and are in AUD unless otherwise stated. Prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing and may vary or be subject to change. The Australian Cake Decorating Network Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage or loss as a result of material submitted for, published in or as a result of this publication. The Australian Cake Decorating Network does not have an affiliation with any other magazine. The views and opinions expressed within this publication are not necessarily the views of the publisher or it's affiliates. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the informtion contained within Cake! Magazine the publisher and Cake! Magazine hold no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or consequences subsequent or otherwise, including loss or damage arising from reliance on information in this publication. Content is supplied for publication in Cake! Magazine by parties external to the Australian Cake Decorating Network and it is the external party's responsibility to ensure content and credits are accurate. Cake! Magazine contains advertising through individual arrangements, which may include paid affiliate arrangements. Cake! Magazine may also contain affiliate links. The agreements are held between the advertiser or affiliate and the Australian Cake Decorating Network Ptd Ltd. As usual, we can't believe another year is nearly over! We love creating our Christmas Celebrate issue of Cake! Magazine, and this year is no different! In this issue we feature tutorials with some of Australia's leading decorators and Australian Cake Decorating Network members. We have some big events coming up this month; the return of the world class Cake Bake & Sweets Show to both Sydney AND Melbourne, as well as our ACDN Cake Decorating & Baking Industry Awards Night, being held at Crown Hotel in Melbourne. You can read our top show highlights of the Cake Bake & Sweets Show in this issue! I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Cake! magazine Liz Wright editor and making some of the Liz is the editor of Cake! magazine Christmas tutorials from it. and founder and owner of the We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year holiday. I hope you all can take some time to relax and enjoy a break! See you in 2019! Liz Australian Cake Decorating Network. Liz grew up surrounded by cake, spending hours upon hours watching her mum create stunning wedding cakes (in the days of intricate piping and extension work!). Liz is excited to have the opportunity to use Cake! magazine as well as the Australian Cake Decorating Network to showcase the incredbile talent of cake decorators in Australia and worldwide. COVER IMAGE: Penny Bunz of Cleopatra Cakes To advertise in Cake! magazine, contact: [email protected] f Kellie Rudland Kirsty Vierdag Aika Jeane Kellie discovered the world of cakes 8 years ago. Since then she has worked alongside pastry chefs as a head decorator for an established cake company. Kellie joined the ACDN team in 2013 and along with Contribution Manager for Cake! magazine, Kellie is also Social Media Manager for ACDN. WIth a background in marketing and a passion for baking, Kirsty has become an integral part of the ACDN team. Kirsty runs her own catering business creating delicious cakes and treats. Kirsty is Marketing and Advertising Manager for ACDN. Born in the Philippines, Aika is the Administrative Assistant for the ACDN. She was new to the cake world when she joined the ACDN team in 2015 and has since discovered her love for cakes & baking. She hopes to pursue her passion and enter into a professional culinary program in the future. contribution manager [email protected] click here to join our mailing list! marketing & advertising administrative assistant