Cake! magazine by Australian Cake Decorating Network May 2017 | Page 3

letter from the editor Well it has been a busy start to the year as usual and we can't believe it is May already! This week we'll be travelling to Melbourne for our 2017 VIC Cake Camp with a group of amazing teachers and students in the gorgeous Yarra Valley. It is always such a fun weekend, a great opportunity to catch up with cake friends, learn some new skills and even to catch some time to relax in the gorgeous surroundings. Thankyou to everyone who is able to join us on Cake Camp and to the rest of the team at ACDN who have helped to ensure that everyone has an amazing time. Our May 2017 issue is about centered on one of our favourite topics... Food! What could be better than cake than cake that is created to look like other food! There is so much work that goes in to creating life-like cake art, and we hope you enjoy the tutorials and images in this issue and that they inspire you to create your own edible cake-food-art! We're also SO excited to announce the release of UK Cake Crawl tickets! At the end of October 2017 a group of 30 of us will spend a week in the UK, touring London's best cake shops and studios, attending the Cake International Show in Birmingham, and then heading to Liverpool to visit the fabulous Renshaw academy. It's going to eb amazing and we hope you can join us! Liz Liz Wright editor Liz is the editor of Cake! magazine and founder and owner of the Australian Cake Decorating Network. Liz grew up surrounded by cake, spending hours upon hours watching her mum create stunning wedding cakes (in the days of intricate piping and extension work!). Liz is excited to have the opportunity to use Cake! magazine as well as the Australian Cake Decorating Network to showcase the incredbile talent of cake decorators in Australia and worldwide. COVER IMAGE: Kellie Rudland Kirsty Vierdag marketing & advertising administrative assistant Kellie discovered the world of cakes 8 years ago. Since then she has worked alongside pastry chefs as a head decorator for an established cake company. Kellie joined the ACDN team in 2013 and along with Contribution Manager for Cake! magazine, Kellie is also Social Media Manager for ACDN. WIth a background in marketing and a passion for baking, Kirsty has become an integral part of the ACDN team. Kirsty runs her own catering business creating delicious cakes and treats. Kirsty is Marketing and Advertising Manager for ACDN. Born in the Philippines, Aika is the Administrative Assistant for the ACDN. She was new to the cake world when she joined the ACDN team in 2015 and has since discovered her love for cakes & baking. She hopes to pursue her passion and enter into a professional culinary program in the future. contribution manager Aika Jeane