Cadette Senior Ambassador Essentials Guide 2021 - Page 14

Senior Badges , Awards and Pins STEM Life Skills Cybersecurity Coding For Good Outdoors All items on these two pages are Imported unless otherwise noted Robotics Coding Basics Made in USA 61664 Digital Game Design Made in USA 61665 App Development Made in USA 61666 Cybersecurity Basics Made in USA 61673 Cybersecurity Safeguards Made in USA 61674 Cybersecurity Investigator Made in USA 61675 Designing Robots Made in USA 61639 Showcasing Robots Made in USA 61640 Programming Robots Made in USA 61638 Digital Leadership 61169 Website Designer 61519 Truth Seeker 61516 Voice for Animals 61522 Science of Style 61521 Space Science Expert Made in USA 61692 Traveler Made in USA 61524 Outdoor Art Expert Made in USA 61533 Paddling 61532 Adventure Camper Made in USA 61620 Adventurer Made in USA 61512 Eco Explorer Made in USA 61647 Senior Snow or Climbing Adventure Made in USA 61689 Senior Trail Adventure Made in USA 61683 Sky Made in USA 61511 Car Care 61513 Behind the Ballot 61507 Collage Artist Made in USA 61506 Cross Training Made in USA 61510 Business Etiquette 61523 Novelist 61520 Game Visionary 61525 Locavore Made in USA 61508 Democracy for Seniors Made in USA 61128 Troupe Performer 61517 Women ’ s Health 61518 Senior Girl Scout Way Made in USA 61505 Senior First Aid Made in USA 61509 Textile Artist Made in USA 61515 Room Makeover 61514 All badges and awards are Iron-On For pricing and additional information , visit our Citrus Council Shop or citrus-gs . org / shop 13 Girl Scout Essentials Guide