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Exit devices Surface closers Drive-in deadbolts
Deadbolts Cylindrical locks
DCH1000 , DCM1000 , DCL2000 and DCR8000 Series Drop plates Drop plates
Product description Plate type Finish DCH1000P-DP18-ALUM Pull side / Top jamb ALUM DCH1000P-DP18-DKBRZ Pull side / Top jamb DKBRZ DCH1000P-DP18PA-ALUM Parallel arm ALUM DCH1000P-DP18PA-DKBRZ Parallel arm DKBRZ DCM1000P-DP18TJ-ALUM Pull side / Top jamb ALUM
DCM1000P-DP18TJ-DKBRZ Pull side / Top jamb DKBRZ DCM1000P-DP18PA-ALUM Parallel arm ALUM DCM1000P-DP18PA-DKBRZ Parallel arm DKBRZ DCL2000P-DP18TJ-ALUM Top jamb ALUM DCL2000P-DP18TJ-DKBRZ Top jamb DKBRZ DCL2000P-DP18PA-ALUM Parallel arm ALUM DCL2000P-DP18PA-DKBRZ Parallel arm DKBRZ
Note : DCL2000P drop plates are also compatible with DCR8000 series closers .
DCH1000 Series DCM1000 Series DCL2000 Series DCH1000 Pull side / top jamb
DCH1000 Parallel arm
DCM1000 Pull side / Top jamb
DCM1000 Parallel arm
DCL2000 Top jamb
DCL2000 Parallel arm 16 • Dexter • Full line catalog