BYON_BRANDBOOK_2022 - Page 9

Safe challenger

Core value

Wholeness is important . Therefore we want to give you everything from collection to inspiration , delivery and personal contact . We want you to feel safe in your choices . If they are what you have been looking for or something completely different from what you first thought , we are there for you . For us it ’ s a favour to get to share interior decorating with you . And we are proud to be the colourful challenger who dares to take up space and go our own way .


Possibilities and willpower share a room at our place . Together with them we create innovative energy which invites new friends . You are always welcome home to Byon , which should be felt and seen in everything we do and everything we like to share . And it would feel extra special to come home to your place . To get the chance to create your personal universe filled with function , boldness , strong and soft expressions . To fill your rooms with endless possibilities which never cease to be renewed .