BYON_BRANDBOOK_2022 - Page 4

The world of Byon

Life is here and now . In the seemingly insignificant moments , in the energy-filled highlights and in everything in between . And it was right here , in this everyday universe , that Byon was created . In the longing for more colour , humour and playfulness in interior decorating we began to create design which makes us feel good and which opens up for fantasy to bloom while remaining functional . Here , in Byon ’ s world , we create room for creativity and personality . Here you and we can be all ourselves .
Byon ’ s world should with playfulness , joy , colour and shape create endless possibilities for homes around the world .


Every season Byon introduces a new surprising , personal and creative collection with the working title Momentous
Tangibles . It ’ s a collection of characteristic products making the everyday blossom and which conveys the feeling we call # bubblesforeveryday .