BYON_BRANDBOOK_2022 - Page 18

An introduction to living with # bubblesforeveryday

• Rules are made to be broken Nothing is wrong as long as you think it ’ s right . Challenge norms and think differently !
• Dare extra anything ! Colours , patterns and shapes – it can never be too much .
• Don ’ t take it for what it is but for what it can become . See the potential in everything . Things are so much more than what they seem at first glance .
• To be kind is always right Write a secret note to someone you like , tell when someone is good and hug as often as you can .
• Collect as many smiles as possible , every day ! Give a smile and you will probably get one back . If nothing else you ’ ll make someone happy .
• Get a supporter – we ’ re happy to be one ! A whole fan club or a porcelain animal , regardless who or what it is you should always have someone believe in you , in what you ’ re doing and want to accomplish .
• Sparkle up the everyday ! You feel good about shaking up your everyday life as often as possible . Drink your morning juice in the champagne glass , set a party table on a Wednesday , serve popcorn with the afternoon coffee break or why not create everyday magic by drinking everything with a straw .
• Turn Mondays into Fundays ! Make Monday into the weekly pep-up day ! Buy Monday flowers instead of a Friday bouquet , top it up with ice cream and set the table like at a restaurant .
• Enjoy the party as much before and after as during ! We long for the weekend , the trip or the party and forget to enjoy things in between . The moments which all have a purpose in life but which we forget while life keeps on running fast .
• May all your troubles be bubbles ! Don ’ t forget to look up at the sky now and then . With a perspective on life things get easier , more imaginative and happier .