BYM ONLINE DESK Blessing English Emagazine March 2020 - Page 16

Kulavalli Church was dedicated for the glory 30 boys attended the newly begun prayer cell in Pepara boys hostel. Subhatra was healed from Paralysis. After that she and her relative Sudha started to attend the Service. Pray for their salvation. After 4 years, Savitha was blessed with a boy of God. Rekha was delivered from evil spirit. Pray Healing Missionaries Elizabeth & Bagya (Urinary bladder swelling & Piles); Lakshmi, Vijayalakshmi & Sagappa (Mental Illness); Sakshi (Heart problem-8yr old girl); Srikanth (Nerve Disorder); Mark (Bone Fracture) and Nirmala (Fits). Manantha to be delivered from evil spirit. Salvation Neela, Lakshmi, Priyanka, Ratna, Basavaraj, Suresh, Jayaseeli, Anitha and Annapoorna. kerala Praise and Pray Blessing literature was distributed in Eruthavoor CSI Church. Rs. 6000/- worth of literature was distributed during the past month. The Gujarat team's visit to Kerala was fruitful. Pray for sister Juslet who is suffering from a wound in her leg. Madhya Pradesh Praise Sunday School has been started newly in 5 places. 65 new contacts were established. Received Healing : Avanthi (Paralysis); Mitu (Allergy); Neethu (Operation in abdomen) & Sackshi (over bleeding). Doctor doubted that the baby in the womb of Nandini might be dead. But God protected both Nandini and her baby. baby. Pray Healing : Mihilal (Throat Cancer); Veerlanka (Injury in leg); Kotanma (Heart problem); Neetesh (Brain fever); Fudi (Paralysis); Balchand, Balakrishnan, Leela, Babloo, Kasthuri, Devendir, Chandraban (TB); Sabdrani ( Fracture in leg); Mohith (Mental Illness); Radha, Dulsa, Sumitra (Uterus problem); Kamalesh (Kidney stone); Mohini (4 yrs old, unable to walk & talk); Hanumath (Nerve problem-Unable to walk) and Vijaya Kumar (Unable to speak). Missionary Therasa Selwyn's mother Mrs. Devasundari is suffering from Ovarian Cancer. Pray for healing. Leela, Seema and Lakshmi to be delivered from evil spirit. Ramprasad, Sunil, Lachu Sandeep, Ramcharam, Hariram Manmohan, Imrath, Halle, Verendar and Haricharan to be delivered from alcohol addiction. rajasthan Praise and Pray Rinku was delivered from alcoholic addiction. Pray for Seema to get a believing partner. God has used her to win both her elder sister and sister in law for Christ. Pray for Deepa, lone believer from a Sindhi family. She was healed from ulcer in her mouth. A month ago she was bitten by a dog. Since few days she has continuous pain in her stomach. Her family members are open for the Gospel. Her brother was delivered from the oppression of the evil spirits. Pray that the entire family come into the knowledge of God. God protected our Missionary Imrat, believers Devendir, Pramod, Kranthi and Sandeep Sivaraj family from accident. Tamil Nadu 2 youth prayer cells in Hirapur area and one girls' prayer cell in Shahgarh were newly started. 39 are blessed in this prayer cell. James came back to the fold. Praise Krishnan confessed his faith. 40 attended the Youth Meeting in Neymalai. | March 2020 | Page 16