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TRAIL BLAZERS, TREND SETTERS Part 1 Meet the first staff of Blessing Youth Mission Mr. Ponraj Isaac (The Blessing Magazine Editorial Team members met with Mr. Ponraj Isaac, the first missionary of Blessing Youth Mission. The excerpts from the interview is given below:) Blessing Editorial Team: Thank you for giving your precious time for us. Uncle, can you tell us something about your childhood days and educational background? Mr. Ponraj Isaac: I was born in a small village called, Manalvillai in South Tamil Nadu. We were two boys. My father was a migrant from Sri Lanka and life was quite difficult for us. My father passed away when I was 8 years old. My mother found it very difficult to give us education. At times we did not even have food to eat (voice quivers). But she made sure that I cleared SSLC (10th grade). During those years I was the only person to clear SSLC in our village. Blessing: It must have been a difficult time for you. How did you come to know about Jesus Christ? My mother was my first spiritual influence. She gifted me the first Bible. The cost of the Bible during those days was Rs.5/-. It was costly for our family to afford. Nevertheless, my mother was able to scrape together two rupees and fifty paise and asked the pastor of our village for the Bible. The Pastor graciously gave a Bible to my mother and she gifted it to me when I turned 10. But film industry attracted me a lot. I was part of the youth group who were hero worshiping a leading actor. When I turned 21, I decided to go to Chennai. It was there I found Christ. Blessing: Can you shed more light on your life in Chennai? When I first came to Chennai, I worked in a provision store for some time. Then I prepared for MPSC (Madras Public Service Commission) exam and cleared it. I got a job as a Junior Assistant in the Tamil Nadu Secretariat. It was there I met Mr. Johnson and Mr. James Victor. They mentored me and led me to Christ in the year 1965. In the | March 2020 | Page 12