BXC 2024 CATALOG 9" x 12" FINAL - WHOLESALE | Page 2

About Us

When we say “ About Us ,” we mean “ About You .” It ’ s your life , and you have the freedom to choose … who you want to be , where you want to go , who you love , where you live , where you work , and what you wear . Your life is diverse , bold , and ever-evolving , and no single lifestyle brand can get the job done . Fashion is what you buy , and style is what you do with it . We are humbled to find our way into your closet and to help create your style showcasing your life , your spirit .
Boxercraft was founded in 1985 , catering to a casual loungewear style sweeping across college campuses . Our loungewear and cool graphics positioned us at the heart of the “ spirit wear ” world in the campus bookstores . With decades of experience in the “ spirit ” business , our Boxercraft “ spirit ” has greatly evolved . As we have continued to perfect our brand , we have built a culture of true teamwork and a service spirit that caters to its customers . We now offer a variety of men ’ s and women ’ s loungewear . Today ’ s Boxercraft is a collection crafted for comfort and style . It embraces a casual lifestyle and the freedom to relax .