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What should you be looking out for at an inspection? As you’re walking through and around the property, take note of the following. Does everything open and shut? Do doors close smoothly or do they stick? Do lights turn on and off without flickering? Do taps work and is the water flow adequate? Are there signs of water damage (i.e. peeling or bubbled paint work, mould, stained ceilings)? Do the floors slope or bounce? This may mean stumps need replacing. Are there cracks in the walls, which could be an indication of subsidence? Is there any fretting (cracked) brickwork that could indicate major structural problems? Don’t forget to walk around the outside of the property to check fences and the condition of the building’s exterior including gutters and downpipes. Tip Get digital help Keep all your inspection notes and checklists on your phone using an app like Evernote or Quip. Evernote also lets you add photographs into your notes. buyer's guide