Buy-side Perspectives Issue 4 - Page 27

› COMING UP in July June 2016 Buy-side The On our agenda for equities will be how to structure and manage the multi-asset trading desk, trader remuneration, broker execution rates, the broker evaluation process and external references to validate the choice of counterparties, execution rates, technologies and services. We will also be discussing best execution and regulation. We will also be catching up with Paul Squires, head of trading at AXA Investment Managers, to learn about the challenges of running the modern trading desk including technological and regulatory changes. The US buy-side is facing its own unique set of challenges, including some of the world’s most extreme market fragmentation, unique US regulatory changes, extra-territorial issues arising from US legislation and rapid technological innovation and change. We look forward to see you next time! Perspectives In the next issue of the Buy-side Perspectives magazine, we will be focusing on the feedback from our forums in Paris on 25 May, London on 8 June and Boston and New York on 14 and 16 June. 27