Buy-side Perspectives Issue 15 - Page 14

Focus on informed decision making With industry wide efforts to improve data quality and transparency, the buy side are now seeking smarter ways to make more informed decisions across every asset class. Even the regulatory experts at the 7 th annual ATF Global Summit verified their perspectives that, no information such as the RTS27 should be considered to be excluded from the scope of improving the buy-side’s execution arrangements, however it is up to each buy side to find smarter tools to be ahead of the game. For every asset class, the discussion should start with the quality and availability of pre-trade, price and volume data. Then the next step is about the independent aggregation of such data 14 before discussing the various analysis and visualisation tools. Ultimately each trading desk will seek hard facts as supportive justification to their decisions which often rely on experience and expertise combined with elements of gut feel. From a regulatory perspective, we received confirmation from the authorities that the ESMA reference data repository is not going to fall under the definition of consolidated tape even for equities. Transition challenges with European Parliamentary elections and Brexit is going to be the priority for the near future. The market participants will have to look for commercial data solutions over the next few years. Spring 2019