Buy-side Perspectives Issue 15 - Page 12

TRADING TECHNOLOGY AND AUTOMATION Trading technology and automation is augmenting the buy-side trader’s responsibilities with more output per head on the desk. It is now a cliché to say that each trader should focus their time where it is most needed and technology will make this possible. Foreign Exchange The buy side’s use of FX trading algorithms is on the rise and K&KGC is assisting both existing and new users with benchmark guidance on which technologies the buy side are using. With the increasing focus on FX trading, the buy side indicate a strong interest in new trading technologies to streamline their workflow. It is no longer a question about ‘if’ but only ‘when’ new technologies will emerge on the buy-side’s FX trading desks. Jean-Philippe Male (BidFX), Martin Knudsen (Bloomberg) and Kristian Karppi (K&KGC) at the 7 th annual ATF Global Summit 2019 12 Spring 2019