Buy-side Perspectives Issue 15 - Page 11

of print, still waiting to hear the final outcome of the implementation of the tick size regime as well as calibrations to periodic auctions. It is no secret that LIS venues are doing well. The below illustrates the rationale as to why the buy side use block trading. These poll responses were sent by 44 senior, heads and global heads of buy-side trading at the 7 th annual ATF global summit on the 6 th February 2019. FIXED INCOME The buy side articulated that better and more holistic data solutions is the critical component to improve fixed income high touch and block trading. More buy-side traders should step outside of their comfort zone and utilise all-to-all trading venues in addition to bi-lateral arrangements. Subsequently the buy side will need to adapt similar pricing tools as the sell side making price decisions. This is calling for a considerable behavioural change. The human element and utilisation of each trader’s time is a central theme. Smaller and highly liquid trades need to be automated and the buy side are increasingly extending their counterparty network outside of the traditional liquidity providers to market makers to optimise their time where it is Anita Karppi (K&KGC), Ivan Mihov (AxeTrading), Ravi Sawhney best needed. (Bloomberg) and Mark Taylor (Liquidnet) at the 7 th annual ATF Global Summit 2019 Spring 2019 11