Buy-side Perspectives Issue 14 | Page 36

How BARCLAYS helps clients IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Matthew Cousens Managing Director, Head of Equity Execution Sales, EMEA, Barclays K&KGC caught up with Matthew Cousens who we know from his previous role at Credit Suisse, and is now the “Managing Director, Head of Equity Execution Sales, EMEA” at Barclays. Asking Matthew about his rationale for joining Barclays he answered; “Barclays has a unique client offering, with a powerful investment program for further growth across equities, including markets and electronic trading. Our Global Head of Equities, Stephen Dainton, was appointed in September 2017 with the remit to grow Barclays’ equities franchise globally. He implemented a strategic plan that is proving successful. Our equities franchise is one of the fastest growing on the Street as per the first three quarters of 2018.” Why should the buy side include Barclays among their preferred brokers? “Barclays has proven to be an important execution partner for many sophisticated buy side firms reflected by high execution performance rankings and core algorithmic trading capabilities. Additionally, our 36 ‘next generation’ algo and SOR platform is extremely exciting. The new platform is centred around simulation and advanced signal generation and is built on a sophisticated experimentation framework. I am particularly excited about the developments of our next generation trading algorithms and Smart Order Router (SOR) which will be live for most European markets in 2019, and is already live for much of our US flow. The current EMEA trading algorithm stack was built in 2012 and has proven to be a solid product, delivering performance which achieves consistently high rankings with our major buy-side clients. The next generation products are master minded by Daniel Nehren, Head of Statistical Modelling and Development for Equities. Having previously worked for both buy- and sell-side firms, Daniel brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience. His research, with input from various Fintech firms, will give us a unique way of looking at next generation algorithms. Winter 2018