Buy-side Perspectives Issue 14 | Page 16

Buy-side profile MAKE YOURSELF THE VERY BEST YOU CAN BE Jenny Bloomfield Senior FX trader, Schroders Investment Management As a full-time FX trader and a mother to 3 young children, Jenny tells us how she manages to keep a work life balance with the support of Schroders and reflects over the last 17 years of FX trading compared to the challenges faced in today’s markets. How did you enter the world of dealing? After graduating from Durham University, I started my career at ABN Amro working in the Portfolio Administration Team. Alongside producing the monthly Institutional client valuations, I also used to calculate the currency note performance fees. After a couple of years working in the admin team, a position came up internally working as a junior FX dealer. I applied for the role, alongside other internal employees, and was offered the position. 16 Did you find the trading environment challenging as a young woman who entered what was a male dominated world back in 2001 and how has the market evolved since then? When I started trading in 2001,I was one of two women within the dealing team at ABN. Further progress still needs to be made as women remain a minority in this industry. However, nowadays attitudes towards women have changed for the better in both business and society as a whole. Winter 2018