Buy-side Perspectives Issue 13 | Page 3

CONTENTS 5 Editorial 9 Choices between Masters and Jacks-of-all-trades in the new equity market 11 Welcome to the BTC K&K Global Consulting research 2018 is the year of all-to-all fixed income bond trading K&K Global Consulting research 13 Switching gears in Foreign Exchange trading 14 A buy-side trader at heart, placed in the driving seat of evolution 20 K&K Global Consulting research Christophe Roupie, Head of Europe and Asia, MarketAxess and Trax Finance is not all about "Red gravel drives and BMWs" Richard Nelson, Head of Australia & Japan Equity Trading at T. Rowe Price 24 Tough Mudder challenge 26 My word is my Bond 30 Careers news Daniel Chambers, Head of Trading, Sequoia Capital Fund Management LLP Neil Bond, Head Trader – Ardevora