BUY BC BUSINESSES Business Buyer's Guide Nicola ǀ Thompson ǀ Okanagan ǀ Boundary Regions Summer 2015 - Page 2

Rural British Columbia offers great opportunities to Live, Work and Play There are many communities where you can enjoy an exceptional lifestyle as well as the fulfillment of owning your own business. Buy BC Businesses is a one of a kind Guide that focusses on business ownership opportunities, helping local and distant business buyers to take control of their destiny by choosing a business in the community or region that supports their lifestyle goals. Four Regional Buy BC Businesses Guides are produced on a seasonal basis showcasing hundreds of business listings, highlighting communities & regions and advertising businesses and events. By attracting new entrepreneurs, skilled business owners or savvy investors, BC maintains vibrant business communities. This is especially important to Rural BC and that’s why business for sale listings in Buy BC Businesses are placed at no charge to REALTORS® and Private Sellers. Business listings are placed electronically at Electronic Version Buy BC Businesses Nicola, Thompson, Okanagan, Similkameen Contact T. 1.855.421.0082 E. Publisher and Editor Lori Camire Advertising and Distribution Darrell Goertzen Design and Layout Denay Piatka Buy BC Businesses is produced quarterly and is in partnership with: Guides are also available for: Vancouver Island & Coastal Regions Cariboo ǀ Chilcotin & Northern Regions Kootenay ǀ Boundary Regions STAMP LEGEND Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to provide accurate information. Although information has been checked, it is possible that some information is incorrect. Venture Connect Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. This Guide is to be used solely for informational purposes. Venture Certified Signifies that an independent financial analysis has been performed by Venture Connect. Note white arrow on top. Venture Succession Signifies that Venture Connect has verified the owner is seeking retirement after long term ownership. Note green arrow on top.