BUY BC BUSINESSES Business Buyer's Guide Nicola ǀ Thompson ǀ Okanagan ǀ Boundary Regions Fall 2015 - Page 24

Growing communities one idea at a time Supporting Rural Communities and Businesses Community Futures Group of Initiatives LOANS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES SUCCESSION PLANNING Community Futures financing is available for the start-up, acquisition or expansion of a business. Our flexible and competitive loans can assist with projects, capital expenses, start-up costs, inventory, technology upgrades, working capital and more. Best yet, we make our loan decisions right in our communities. Venture Connect helps small businesses throughout BC with succession planning by providing services and resources for business owners wanting to retire from their business. Get advice on your businesses’ value, selling strategies and connecting with the buyer market. 1.888.303.2232 MARKET INTELLIGENCE FOR GROWING BUSINESSES The Canadian Centre for Business Growth works with existing companies using sophisticated tools to provide critical strategic information that is customized to their needs. It is about leveraging research using business intelligence tools and databases that grows companies. It’s true, small and local companies can access the same powerful information as larger companies to remain competitive and grow. 250.492.4305 ext. 3299 1.855.421.0082 CROWD FUNDING PLATFORM Invest Local BC is an online crowd funding platform to seek financial investment through collaboration. Currently available for not-for-profits and community projects; plans are in the works to expand to include business investment by the fall 2015. Invest Local BC will leverage small contributions to turn creative ideas into reality. SUPPORT A LOCAL CAMPAIGN! GET YOUR CAMPAIGN STARTED! 1.800.266.0611