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Those with a sense of adventure will find the Gold Country GeoTourism Program a great way to explore the local area. Immerse yourself in tales of Gold Rush robberies and mysterious mine shafts as you locate Cache Creek’s hidden “caches”. If you are looking for local fruits and vegetables, head to Desert Hills Ranch or Horsting’s Farms where you will be greeted with smiling faces and the wonderful smells of their homemade foods. It is located just a few miles North of town as you are heading towards Clinton or visit the local Farmer’s Market that runs every Saturday from May to October. Cache Creek has extremely competitive tax rates, low business licence fees and a proactive Council, ready to bring new business to the community. Economic Development Contact Melany deWeerdt Chief Administrative Officer Village of Cache Creek 1-250-457-6237 Chamber of Commerce Contact Cache Creek Chamber of Commerce 1-250-457-9668