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History Cache Creek BC While the town blossomed as a supply point of the 1860s Gold Rush, there are two stories on the origin of the town's name. Some claim it derived from the fur trade of the 1800s when supplies were stored or "cached" in the valley junction. Others say it came from a stagecoach robbery that occurred during the gold rush. The police were chasing two bandits; one was killed and the other, badly injured, buried the loot along the creek bed. The robber succumbed to his injuries before he could return, and the treasure remains yet to be found... Cache Creek is a small community with an abundance of opportunities for the weary traveller such as motels, restaurants, gas stations, a fabulous park, swimming pool, a golf course and an airport with a 3,310 airstrip for the flying enthusiast. With daytime summer temperatures of 29.6C and average winter temperatures of -6C it offers some great outdoor activities such as; hiking, ATVing, fishing, mountain biking, camping in summer and ice-fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing just to name a few. It also has one of the most unique info centres with a ‘50s-‘60s theme. There, visitors can find local and regional information plus free internet. Throughout the year, Cache Creek hosts yearly events, such as Graffiti Days on the second weekend of June, Mother’s Day Fly-in and pancake breakfast in May, and new this year is the Sunflower Festival in September.