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After initial buy-in from the MCAT “ team ,” a community outreach forum was scheduled to judge the interest from MCAT customers . Surveys completed by customers confirmed their interest in the stateof-the-art wheelchair securement technology , and the potential benefits of the pilot program . The MCAT team then involved their Public Works Department leadership ; and from that point forward , it was clear that everyone involved favored a six-month Field Evaluation Pilot Program .
“ Prior to the installation , Q ’ Straint demonstrated the QUANTUM equipment to the MCAT ridership at the Downtown Bradenton Transit Station ,” says Mitch Drouillard , southern regional manager for Q ’ Straint and Sure-Lok . “ Educating the community about the benefits of rear-facing wheelchair securement and how QUANTUM is beneficial to everyone riding the bus , is critical . The Q ’ Straint team also provided extensive on-site education and training to address any potential MCAT operations issues or questions , before the QUANTUM pilot is underway , and the securement system is utilized in service delivery .”
“ The entire process , from the initial presentation to the completed QUANTUM system installation , took approximately three months ,” says William Steele , Manatee County ’ s transit division manager . “ This fast pace is a testament to both Manatee County Government and Q ’ Straint , as all parties took the pilot program very seriously , and everyone agreed that it is important to gauge the impact of this technology in service delivery operations .”
The systems in action
QUANTUM by Q ’ Straint is transit ’ s first fully-automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement station . Passengers back their wheelchairs or scooters into the system , press a button and independently secure themselves . QUANTUM ’ s side-arm lowers and hugs the wheel , safely
QUANTUM ’ s side-arm lowers and hugs the wheel , safely securing the wheelchair with minimal operator assistance .
securing the wheelchair with minimal operator assistance . If the passenger is not able to push the occupant button independently , the bus operator can push the button located on the dash – securing or releasing the passenger without leaving the driver ’ s seat .
At right : Q ’ POD is the industry ’ s first fully integrated forward-facing wheelchair securement station specifically designed and tested for transit wheelchair passenger transportation .