Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma March 2020 - Page 4

From the Editor ‘No finer place for sure, downtown’ T o the Readers: To steal a phrase: If you haven’t been downtown lately, you haven’t been downtown. Much investment, studying and planning are going into downtown Edmond right now. It’s evolving. City planners, council members, and stakeholders are watching the changes take place and planning for the future. Imagine a walkability with fewer cars moving about, and instead people walking in the open air to a variety of businesses offering food, drink and fun experiences. This is just one vision for the future of downtown Edmond, but it seems to be playing out as we watch. We have been told by city officials and developers that these are the elements now desired by area residents. 4 March 2020 | The Business Times When reading the stories in this month’s publication, you’ll note the use of the word “community.” Downtown has always been a community within the larger city, but it appears the the word “destination” is now appropriate. Many of us have traveled southbound to frequent eating establishments in locations such as Midtown, Bricktown and Stockyards City, but now we have our own rising destination community. We fully expect as investment in the area continues, downtown Edmond will continue to add fun gathering places. So … if you haven’t been downtown lately, make the drive, walk around, have an adult beverage and a bite to eat. Enjoy the unique area and the new amenities it provides. Hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue of The Business Times. Best, MARK CODNER is the editor of The Business Times of Edmond