Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma March 2020 - Page 23

tattoo artist in 2005, traveling around the U.S., gaining experience, and a wife along the way, and eventually meeting Randerson, with whom he worked for five years, and now shares ownership of the downtown Edmond tattoo shop. “I’m originally from Arizona, myself,” Randerson said. “I got started early in tattooing at the age of only 15, but I loved it and eventually, I moved to Edmond and planted my roots here. In addition to tattooing, I also have spent several years painting, traveling and building my own handmade tattoo machines.” Edmond appealed to them both as the ideal area, and one which isn’t over-saturated with tattoo artists. “Oklahoma is a great state, and Edmond is a great area to work and live — we love it,” Ross said. “The market here isn’t super- saturated the way it is in some places, which isn’t good for the customers or the (tattoo) artists, so being based here really works to everyone’s advantage.” Stylistically, Randerson described his as “American traditional,” although he said he’s “well-rounded” in all styles of tattooing. “We have a lot of flash (tattoos samples) on display around the shop — pre-existing work from the 70s and 80s, which some people want,” he said. “Despite what both of us are more inclined towards, whatever a customer would like, we pretty much can do.” Ross, on the other hand, focuses on traditional Japanese tattooing and painting — a style which he said translates well to the human form and can cover large sections of the body — as well as American cartoons and “large-scale” projects. Unlike some tattoo shops, Thunderdome does not handle body piercings. “Over time, tattooing and piercing have kind of been put together. That’s kind of a normal thing, but that’s not something either of us know about, and it’s not something that we’re into,” Ross said. “So, it didn’t make sense for us to try and sell something to people that we weren’t interested in ourselves.” Additionally, neither perform facial tattoos. Ultimately, both men welcome regulars and prospective clients for discussions, to understand the process, learn about which tattoos would help the customer best express themselves, and to ask whatever questions they may have. “We both stand by our tattooing and are committed to making sure our customers get only the best,” Ross said. “Plus, we get to draw on people for a living. How great is that?” Thunderdome Tattoo is located at 205 N. Broadway. Walk-ins are welcome if scheduling allows, but appointments are highly encouraged. For more information, call 405-669-6888. March 2020 | The Business Times 23