Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma March 2020 - Page 22

Local Artists Putting their Mark on Downtown Edmond at Thunderdome Tattoo BY TOM FINK | PHOTOS PROVIDED R andy Randerson and Joshua Ross have different styles but they bring them together under one roof in downtown Edmond to create beautiful pieces of art. As the co-owners of Thunderdome Tattoo on Broadway, Randerson and Ross bring more than 30 years of tattooing experience to create the aforementioned artwork — one tattoo at a time. “We’d worked together for about five years, and honestly, hadn’t considered opening our own shop before. I’ve got clients from social media and we both have clients who come from all over the world to get work done, but after I, and Randy, felt comfortable building our own brands, we felt like it was time for us to have our own space,” Ross said. “We thought this would give us the opportunity to do things at our own pace, to make our own decisions, to decorate the way we wanted. The result of this is Thunderdome (Tattoo). “The way we work, we almost have banker’s hours in that we’re open from 10 to 6, whereas a lot of other shops are open, for example, from noon to 10,” he continued, “but we both have good home lives, and we just wanted to leave work when the sun’s still up — most days — and go home to our families.” California native Ross began his career as a professional 22 March 2020 | The Business Times