Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma March 2020 - Page 17

The Edmond Sun Print Shop Shines on Downtown BY VAN MITCHELL | PHOTO BY LANCE MOLER Pressman supervisor Joe Bridges wheels in newsprint to be place on the Goss Web Press at The Edmond Sun print shop. P rinting is a process that has been around for a long time, and with it has come improvements in technology, quality and color capabilities. But with those changes, also comes a financial cost that has caused some publications to fold, while others have had to find creative ways to survive. As a result, companies like The Edmond Sun, which has its own printing plant with large-format press, has become a beacon for smaller publications to turn to for printing help. Edmond Sun General Manager Lance Moler, said the Sun prints more than 20 publications across the state in addition to its own newspaper. “I believe we are the last newspaper press in Oklahoma County,” Moler said. “We print about 20 different publications, anywhere from dailies all the way through to some quarterly newspapers. We print publications like the Duncan Banner, which comes to Edmond five days a week for pickup. We have even printed some menus for Around the Corner (restaurant). If you stop in any convenience store from Emond to the western Oklahoma border you will probably find something that was printed here in Edmond.” The Edmond Sun is located at 123 South Broadway, and its printing facility is located across the street at the southwest corner of Second and Broadway. In the 1990s, The Edmond Sun replaced its printing plant with state-of-the- art equipment, which Moler said is still going strong today, with a few additions. Moler said the company’s printing equipment includes utilizing a Goss Web Press that allows it to print newspapers, a variety of other size publications, menus and other items, with the capability of quality color and the traditional black and white sections. Moler added, “The demand for print products continues as there has been somewhat of a return to magazine-size and tabloid-size publications. Moler said the printing facility has 16 employees and runs two shifts Monday through Friday. “We usually start about 9 a.m. each day and usually finish up around midnight,” he said. Moler said while the printing plant’s schedule is hectic; they work with customers to find a solution to their printing needs. “We try to take on jobs that are mutually beneficial,” he said. “We take on the jobs that provide the best service and quality to the customer.” The Sun’s printing plant employees have extensive experience including Production Manager Todd Short who has been employed for more than 30 years. “In our pressroom, our experience really stands out,” Moler said. “Our guys are pros. There is no doubt about that. It takes a few years for someone to become a decent pressman.” Moler said the Edmond Sun’s printing facility has been successful, in part, due to its strong customer service and support. “We have been able to last because we really focus on quality and giving our print partners a fair price,” he said. Moler said the Sun’s printing facility is alive and well, especially with the continued support for the area’s newspapers filled with local content citizens need, want and value. March 2020 | The Business Times 17