Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma January 2020 - Page 22

Home inspectors like Russ Butler are looking for issues within a house Hearth and Home Inspections Making Sure Things ‘Working as They are Intended’ BY VAN MITCHELL | PHOTOS BY KAREN MOORE G etting a home inspection can sometimes make the difference whether or not a potential homeowner takes the leap to purchase a home. And as a result some homeowners are doing a pre-listing visual home inspection to find out what their home may need in terms of repairs/upgrades to make their home more sellable. “That is the seller wanting to know what is wrong with their house before they put it on the market,” said Russ Butler with Hearth and Home Inspections of Edmond. “Oklahoma doesn’t require it. If someone wants to be proactive and locate some of the larger issues with the house, so 22 January 2020 | The Business Times they can get it fixed or at least put it on the disclosure.” Butler started his home inspection company 15 years ago, partly as a result of a home inspection he had done on a home he had purchased. “I bought a house and it had all kinds of issues with it,” he said. “They did a “so-called inspection,” and at that time you didn’t need a state license for an inspector.” Butler said Oklahoma requires home inspectors to have 92 educational hours to be licensed. The inspector also has to pass a national inspection exam, and carry the required insurance to be licensed by the State of Oklahoma. He said there are a variety of public and private home inspection schools licensed by the state, and home inspectors learn both in and out of the classroom. “There is so much that you have to learn while you are in the field through experience,” he said. “You can’t learn everything in the classroom.” Butler said home inspections should have a standard checklist. “The basic parts of a home inspection are safety issues within a home,” he said. “Are things operating as they are intended?” Butler said home inspections should look at all the big ticket items like plumbing, electrical, roofing, as well as