Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma February 2020 - Page 8

Healthy Living in Edmond Typical doctor visits are only 15 minutes. At Centennial Health, they believe patient care is more complex than that, and that’s why their patient appointments average approximately 30 minutes. Making the difference in their patient’s lives BY TOM FINK | PHOTOS PROVIDED C entennial Health is about more than the traditional examination — it’s about getting a health experience unique to the patient, which makes all the difference. “Centennial Health is a primary care clinic. We have a clinic in Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Edmond, and we’re building a new location in El Reno,” said Garrett Baker, CEO, Centennial Health. “We are a comprehensive care clinic, unique in the sense that we have a patient-centered focus. “By ‘patient-centered,’ what I mean is that we spend twice the amount of time with a patient that an average doctor does,” he said. “We provide 8 February 2020 | The Business Times transportation for established patients to get them to and from the clinic. We’ll bring them right to the door, and this is a service which is available to wheelchair- bound patients as well. We have a case management team which, when someone checks into the hospital or is admitted to the emergency room, follows up with the patient. They’ll visit them at the hospital and work with them to develop a plan to get healthy, to have a healthy lifestyle, and not to get re-admitted to the hospital.” Baker said Centennial prefers a “pro- active” approach to patient care. “Our goal is to keep the patient out of the hospital, healthy, and to manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart failure, etc., rather than address these issues after they’ve had to go to the hospital,” he said. “We focus on preventative care, such as mammograms, colonoscopies and all the other kinds of preventative procedures done on our patients. And we have a whole team of people who focus exclusively on this.” Although Centennial patients are inclined towards the older generation as they primarily use Medicare, they do have occasion to see commercial patients as well. Formerly called the Oklahoma City Clinic, Centennial Clinic opened in the early years of the 20th Century, growing