Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma February 2020 - Page 4

From the Editor Healthy Living in Edmond T o the Readers: We all know someone who is having difficulty in life. Maybe they had a trauma-filled childhood, or maybe they had some other situation or event as an adult that has caused them post traumatic stress. Sometimes its all about choices and we have the ability to control the outcome, but other times things get out of control or the situation is brought on by circumstances and the outcome is out of our control. When we are in these situations, we need to ask for professional help. Mental health is more important today than ever. It takes the spotlight in several of our articles for the February “Healthy Living” issue of The Business Times. The things we can control include our fast pace of living, our use of technology, and the unhealthy choices we sometimes make. These can mix — creating conditions prime for a more severe mental problem. Before its too late, we need to reassess our choices. My favorite advice in this month’s magazine comes from Dr. Peter Stanbro’s list for balancing one’s life. He simply says, “Unplug, unplug, unplug.” Stanbro said, “We have generations of people who live life vicariously online and it’s at a near-pandemic level for kids,” he said. “It’s unhealthy and it’s changing the way that we — as a country, as a nation, 4 February 2020 | The Business Times and as a planet — think and operate. There needs to be less electronics and more outdoor activities — fresh air, sunshine, play, exercise, ride a bike, do a puzzle — anything else besides being in front of a screen.” In order to be healthy we must relate in person with other people, and one of the best locations to do so is an outdoor environment. At The Business Times and The Edmond Sun we are constantly working with, and receiving, information concerning public health. As the new year progressed, we began receiving topical information — some of which came from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. James Bost, executive director of NAMI Oklahoma, used the same terminology as Stanbro to say a good resolution for the new year is to unplug from social media. Bost said, “Social media is a great way to stay connected but can also create a disconnection. For some, social media feeds only create more anxiety or depression. Comparing your life to someone else is simply unrealistic. Taking a break for a few hours a day might give you the time to connect with others and even focus on your own self-care.” And it’s not just the personal comparisons which can take place, but also the misinformation causing confusion and strife, both personally and professionally. Who really wants to be the person conversing at the water cooler spreading misinformation? As you read this month’s issue of The Business Times we hope you will find something of use to keep you, your family, your coworkers, and your friends healthy. If you do find you are struggling with something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sincerely, MARK CODNER is the editor of The Business Times of Edmond