Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma February 2020 - Page 30

BUSINESS MATTERS TIM PRIEBE W ebifiable Can You Find Out Who is Visiting Your Website? F or many organizations, it would be extremely valuable to find out exactly who is visiting your website. If your organization has someone whose job is to follow up with potential customers, clients or even donors, that kind of information would be put to good use! So can you actually tell who is visiting your website? Well, yes and no. The majority of your website visitors are, unfortunately for you, going to remain anonymous. Think about it: if a system existed that identified who each and every visitor to a website was, your phone would be ringing off the hook with salespeople calling you right after you visited their website! But there are still a few methods of getting useful information, including knowing who a subset of your website visitors are. First, let’s talk about analytics services like Google Analytics. Most organizations who use Google Analytics use the free version, although a paid version — Google Analytics 360 — is available for organizations with far more traffic to their website. Google Analytics cannot tell you who is visiting your website, but it can give you a lot of aggregated data. That can be extremely helpful, as you can identify trends like which pages are most popular 30 February 2020 | The Business Times on your website, which social media website sends you the most traffic, how long people are spending on your website, and plenty more. Second, you can create something known as lead magnets to gather information about people who visit your website. A lead magnet is a downloadable asset that requires a website visitor to enter some basic contact information to get access to it. Some examples of lead magnets might be coupons, an ebook, or even access to an instructional video. In exchange for getting that free item, visitors will usually enter their email address, and often other pieces of information like their name and phone number. The idea with a lead magnet is to make it appealing to your ideal customer and nobody else. After all, if you can only know who some of your website visitors are, it should be those that are most likely to do business with you, right? Finally, we have an option known as Website Visitor Identification Software. This tends to work best if your business sells to larger businesses, and it’s priced accordingly. When someone visits your website, one piece of information you do know is their IP address. Website Visitor Identification Software works by looking up that IP address in a huge database to see what organization it belongs to. Often their database contains additional information, as well, including the individual it may belong to and even their contact information. The more people who use a particular Website Visitor Identification Software provider, the more accurate their information is. If you go this route, be sure to pick one of the more popular providers, and be prepared to pay a decent ongoing investment for the information. So will you ever be able to tell who everyone is who visits your website? No, that’s simply not the way the Internet works. But if you’re willing to invest some time and money, you can still get some useful information. And many digital marketing companies will help with some or all of these approaches. I know we’ve helped clients with all three. TIM PRIEBE is an online marketer, a public speaker, the author of several books and many articles, a Christian, a painter, a Superman fan, a Star Trek geek, a father to three boys, and a husband to one wife. He has run T&S Online Marketing since 2003, helping business and nonprofits with their digital marketing. He can be reached at or 405-285-0348. For more information visit