Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma February 2020 - Page 3

ED M O N D, O K L AHO MA FEBRUARY 2020 VOL. 12 | NO. 2 GENERAL MANAGER Lance Moler EDITOR Mark Codner SALES TEAM Terri Bohanan Nancy Sade INSIDE 2020 BALANCE WOMEN’S HEALTH HELPING WOMEN TO LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE At Balance Women’s Health, experienced doctors, psychiatrists, and specialists want to help women in all stages of life to achieve balance through physical and mental health. 6 EMERALD HOSPICE: REACHING HEARTS AND SPRITS DURING DIFFICULT TIMES CONTRIBUTING WRITERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS Lance Moler Mike Crandall Jim Denton Nick Massey Patty Miller Van Mitchell Tim Priebe Karen Moore Tom Fink Miss your Business Times? Call 405-341-2121 to get on our mailing list. Thanks! 12 Part of every journey is the end, and this includes the journey of life. At Emerald Hospice, compassionate caregivers understand that, even though one’s days may be limited, that doesn’t mean the value and quality of those days deserves anything less than comfort, support, dignity and understanding. FIRE LEAF DISPENSARY FILLING MEDICAL NEED IN EDMOND 14 The Business Times is a monthly publication of The Edmond Sun devoted to business in the Edmond area. All rights reserved. Copyright © February 2020 18 Cassi Doolittle and her family watched as medical marijuana has been embraced by patients in other states where it had been legalized. She knew if medical marijuana passed in Oklahoma, a void would be filled in the medical market, and she, her father, and brother, would be ready to provide a first- class dispensary experience in the state.  ‘A PRIVILEGE TO BE TRUSTED TO RESTORE, PRESERVE EYESIGHT’ Eyesight is something people utilize every day and it can easily be taken for granted. There are times when eyesight can be challenged for a variety of reasons ranging from retinal tears to macular degeneration. Retina Vitreous Center is a state-of- the-art retina clinic with a complete array of the latest retinal diagnostic and therapeutic equipment that can provide the ultimate care for their patients. FEBRUARY 2020 | The Business Times 3