Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma February 2020 - Page 26

BUSINESS MATTERS MIKE CRANDALL P rofessional G rowth S olutions Having 2020 Vision in 2020! I f we want to have better vision, we have to know what to focus on. Think about being at the Eye Doctor — they ask you to focus on specific things — which screen, which line, which letters, etc. They use this concept to allow your eyes to focus on the most important things so we can determine how good, or how bad, your vision is. This is not true just at the Eye Doctor, it is also true in life. Both our professional lives, and our personal lives. The concept of focus — not only physically with our eyes, but also psychologically with other senses — allows us to see things more clearly. This clarity in vision also allows us to truly find ways to get better at something we want to pay attention to. This sounds really easy; however, it is not easy at all. In order to focus on something we need to know what to pay attention to, as well as what not to pay attention to. As things in life and society get busier and more hectic, this becomes increasingly difficult. Each minute, hour, day, etc., we are inundated with information — from personal interactions to other sources of information around us. It is easy to be overwhelmed. Think about all the texts, emails, calls, tweets, posts, etc. that surround us. 26 February 2020 | The Business Times These things all come at us and steal our time, our energy, and our focus. If we allow this to happen, we get pulled away and distracted. Which means we also lose focus. Sometimes this occurs very quickly. If we want to have better Vision in 2020, we need to know the things to work on so we can develop our ability to focus. One of the most important concepts that can help us with this, is learning to understand the concept of R.A.S., which is your Reticular Activating System. This is a bundle of nerves in our brain stem that filters out unnecessary information, so only the important information gets in. Once you learn to filter out the things that our unnecessary, we by default learn to pay more and closer attention to the things we need to focus on. Think about it this way: if we don’t filter out the unnecessary information it is more difficult, if not impossible, to pay attention to the correct information. High achievers learn to identify what they should pay attention to, by learning what not to pay attention to, using the concept of R.A.S. to learn to filter out the unnecessary things around them. They learn what people, relationships, information, etc. are a waste and that will cause them to lose focus. This knowledge is then used to help them figure out what to pay attention to and what not to pay attention to. We all have the same amount of time. Learning to focus on the right things allows us to ensure that time is used with the best things, and not wasted on things that don’t help us. Now let me ask — how much time and energy have you put into figuring out what to focus on? What not to focus on? What to pay attention to? What not to pay attention to? If you don’t know or don’t like the answers, find a Business Growth Consultant who can help. MIKE CRANDALL lives in Edmond, Okla. He is a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker and author focused on the Subconscious Psychology of Human Interaction and Motivation. His firm specializes in sales, management and leadership development for Proactive Business Growth. Mike is based in Oklahoma and serves visionary clients across the United States. He can be reached at Mike. or at 405-844-1700. For more information, go online to www.