Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma February 2020 - Page 21

STANBRO HEALTHCARE GROUP IS FOCUSED ON CARING FOR THE MENTAL HEALTH OF CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS practice in Massachusetts, and served as staff psychiatrist/consultant with the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Medical School. While he was in Massachusetts, he also earned a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Health Administration and Health Policy from Boston University School of Public Health. Care at Stanbro Healthcare Service is tailored based upon the individual needs of the client, with treatment avenues developed under the categories of social- emotional skills training, parenting skills training, family therapy, group therapy, medication evaluation and management, assessment and management of physically ill children, and more. Before treatment begins however, diagnosis is key, and Dr. Stanbro said he has noted an increase in certain diagnosis in recent years. “Over the past several years, we’ve been seeing an increased number of kids who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and the numbers are increasing,” he said. “We’re also seeing a shift in that an increasing number of adults who are seeking our services for things like depression and anxiety. The adult population also is growing in our practice, particularly with an increased consciousness towards adult ADD and ADHD — it seems to be part of the public dialogue now, whereas in the past, it might not have been. “I tend to think that, generationally, older adults — in their 30s, 40s, 50s, even 60s — may have struggled with ADD or ADHD when they were children but were never diagnosed or treatments weren’t available for them the way they are now,” Dr. Stanbro said. “Whether it’s adult ADD or ADHD or PTSD, which is something that so many veterans struggle with, we’re in an age where there’s so much available now that didn’t used to be. Information is so much more accessible to people — on the Internet, on social media, etc. — and with it becoming more part of the public discussion, the stigma that used to be associated with mental health seems to be lessening.” As for general mental health tips, Dr. Stanbro advised people to unplug. “Lifestyle, diet, exercise — all of the things we’ve preached for a long time, are important,” he said. “A balance of work and life, of home and family — these are crucial, but at the top of my list would be for people to unplug. Unplug, unplug, unplug. “We have generations of people who live life vicariously online and it’s at a near-pandemic addition level for kids,” he said. “It’s unhealthy and it’s changing the way that we — as a country, as a nation, and as a planet — think and operate. There needs to be less electronics and more outdoor activities, fresh air, sunshine, play, exercise, ride a bike, do a puzzle — anything else besides being in front of a screen. “And of course, it’s important for people, at any age, who are struggling with mental wellness to seek help, to reach out and find treatment or counseling,” he said. Stanbro Healthcare Group is located 1 and 2/3 miles west of U.S. Interstate 35, at 2000 E. 15th Street, #400 in Edmond. For more information, call them at 405-341-1697 or email February 2020 | The Business Times 21