Business Matters February 2017 - Page 3


Sustainable growth for our businesses is a core value for the Chamber . As a business itself , your Chamber must also look for ways to grow and thrive in a sustainable way . With that in mind we are launching a new initiative this month that will position us to do just that . The total resource campaign is a model that has been used in Chambers around the country for the last 40 years . It allows the Chamber to roll out its entire book of business for a 12 month period , during a short 10 week time frame , once a year . It provides us an opportunity to engage our members with value that is a fit for their business needs . It opens the door for us to leverage the power of our volunteers in a way that helps the Chamber grow while giving them a new , and very important , personal business development tool . It lets us go to our members one time with all of these projects and eliminates the need to go out as each individual program unfolds during the year . It lets us make one ask and then not come back again until the next year . It gives those who invest , more visibility throughout the year for the projects they choose to participate in . It broadens the levels of participation in a way that is considerate of the small business budget . It is a win on so many levels and we are excited about the opportunity to create a sustainable business model for our Chamber that will increase our capacity to bring the best tools , resources and programs to our members and to the community . So , get ready to come on board with us as we " Cruise to New Heights "!!

President & CEO United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce