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On the FAST TRACK Entrepreneurs under40 Franciso Leos S. Center Nutrition Spot: Francisco Leos S. takes the healthy road to entrepreneurship STORY BY SHANNON JAMES | COURTESY PHOTOS AT A GLANCE Francisco Leos S., owner of Center Nutrition Spot, wakes up everyday ready to spend time with his Nutrition Spot customers, or as he would say, his family. “The mission here at the Nutrition Club is to make people happier and healthier,” says Francisco. “Not only that, we’ve helped people open their own Nutrition businesses here in Shelby County,” he says. At Francisco’s Nutrition Spot, you can find a variety of sugar free, vitamin and energy loaded teas and protein shakes. “One of our most popular teas is our Small Town Center,” says Francisco. “It gives you that feeling of being at home. We’ve met so many amazing people through the Nutrition Club, I felt a tea named after their town was appropriate,” he said. “And it’s one of our customers’ favorites.” Being a Nacogdoches native, Francisco aspired to make an impact in a smaller community. By opening his second Nutrition club in Center, he achieved this goal. Francisco attended Stephen F. Austin State University to gain a degree in business communication and corporation education, but made the decision to leave school and proceed with his dream career. “It was a hard decision, those were some good years in my life,” says Francisco. “But I knew if I didn’t take the risk, I would never know if I could do it or not, So I said, ‘I’m going to do it. I’m going to open my first Nutrition Club.’” Francisco opened his first Nutrition Club in Lufkin, when he was only 17 years old. “It was back in 2016 and it taught me so much,” he says. “I was there for three years. That’s where I learned how to manage my business, how to talk to people and I had used a few of the skills that I had learned in school to use to my advantage.” After running his first successful health club business in Lufkin, Francisco longed for something more. “I wanted to make an impact somewhere else, somewhere smaller,” says Francisco. “I help manage eight different locations around the state of Texas, one in Kentucky and a few out of the country. I needed something new that made me feel like I was at home.” “So I looked all over Shelby County in all different areas, and I decided to come here to Center, Texas,” he says. “Everyday I wake up ready to be at my Nutrition Club, even when I’m on vacation. I love knowing we’re helping people feel better, look better and live better,” Francisco says. “Up here at the Nutrition Club everyone is like family, and I do this because I love it.” WHAT: Center Nutrition Spot WHO: Locally owned and operated by Francisco Leos S. WHERE: 500 Hurst Street Center, TX 75935 WHEN: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. PHONE: (936) 615-4188 FACEBOOK: @Center Nutrition Spot Business MATTERS | 2020 Fall Edition 35