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On the FAST TRACK Entrepreneurs under40 AT A GLANCE WHAT: The Forge Gym/ Physical Fitness Center WHO: Locally owned and operated by Danbert Collum Personal Trainer WHERE: 135 San Augustine St. Center, TX 75935 WHEN: 24 Hours PHONE: (936) 427 - 5114 FACEBOOK: @The Forge Danbert Collum : Helping to forge strong bodies through growth It is common knowledge that a forge is where blacksmiths form weapons out of ordinary pieces of steel. Shelby County contains its own forge, only this forge isn’t for creating swords and shields. Center native, Danbert Collum, is the proud owner of The Forge; a new 24-hour gym located on the square in downtown Center. Danbert says the main priority at his new gym is growth. “My thing is - what do people come to places like these for? Growth,” he says. “Whether it’s spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally - that’s what they came here for. “And that’s what I want people to be able to achieve at The Forge,” Danbert says. “That’s the main focus. A forge is where normal pieces of steel are created into masterpieces,” said Danbert. “And that’s what we do here.” Before Danbert was heavily focused on opening a gym in Center, he spent his early years in awe with workouts and pursuing personal training. “I was fascinated with the body. Seeing how the body could change - and how you could do what you wanted to with it,” he says. “That always fascinated me. Danbert Collum STORY BY SHANNON JAMES | PHOTOS BY GINIA HOOPER The fact that we could change ourselves on a whim if we wanted to was the best thing about it.” Danbert started working out at the young age of 13. As a sophomore in high school, he started his first year of powerlifting and continued on until his senior year. After completing high school, Danbert went into teen bodybuilding. His first year competing in the Teen Bodybuilding Texas State Championships, he won third place and won second place the following year. After spending 17 years dedicated to workouts and training, Danbert has devoted his last 12 years to training and helping others achieve their goals. “The first client I ever had... she needed help losing weight,” says Danbert. “I didn’t know everything about dieting and healthy eating back then. So as time went on, I started educating myself more about all that.” “Anyway, it worked,” he says. Danbert’s first client successfully lost 98 pounds through his personal training. “I was like - this is what I want to do,” Danber says. “I just had to keep going. It’s been nothing but hardcore personal training since 2013.” After successfully building clientele as a personal trainer, Danbert spent four years searching for the perfect spot for his gym. In 2018, he finally found the ideal spot, a building in which he spent his childhood in — on San Augustine Street on the square downtown. “Funny story behind the location of The Forge; my mom used to work for Windham’s Ivan Smith Bargain Center,” he says. “I grew up in this building. After school - I’d walk over here and help put together furniture for some cash.” Sometimes Danbert says he is amazed at how things work out. “I often find myself thinking, wow, now this is mine,” Danbert says. Danbert says every piece of equipment in The Forge, has been patiently collected by him over the past few years. “I’ve been just collecting and collecting gym equipment. Everything you see in here, I either ran up on deals for or bought here and there over the years. It’s all amazing equipment. Some of the pieces I bought were from the old Ice House,” he says.. After rushing to try and open 28 Business MATTERS | 2020 Fall Edition