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WDee . Daniel and his wife Rebecca are two Timpson residents who work hard to benefit those in need. As the owners of Beans & Ice: Gourmet Coffee and Shaved Ice, the couple opened their coffee shop specifically to fund mission work not only in East Texas, but all over the world. “My wife and I had a vision of combining the coffee shop and missionary work - and we did,” says Daniel. “Not only did we open a coffee shop here that serves gourmet coffees, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and different things - but Rebecca and I don’t make anything from the business,” says Daniel. “We pay our three part-time employees and all of the other proceeds go back into our mission programs,” he says. As pastor of First Baptist Church of Timpson, Daniel has been involved in mission work; building churches, houses, water wells, and bringing families and villages food and clothes in Central America for years now. “I’ve been doing mission work in Belize for over 23 years. In those 23 years, we’ve built a lot of relationships and opened a lot of doors. So we continue to fund that ministry,” he says. Daniel says that as a third world country, the financial hardships in Belize are a lot more extreme than what we have here. “I led a little boy,out there, to the Lord when he was 10, and dozens of others as kids and adults,” says Daniel. “We had been working in this village for almost four years. No churches. People would come in and live in a house that they don’t own.” “We would take the village supplies; toothbrushes, toothpaste, flip-flops, shorts, deodorants, soaps, things we see as necessities that they don’t have access to,” he said. “We would put all these things and more into care packages and go door-to-door giving out the care packages with beans and rice.” “We would take care of their physical needs as far as hunger, as far as hygiene. But we also take care of their spiritual needs, by preaching the Gospel,” Daniel says. Through four years of ministering the people in the village, Daniel soon saw they had an entire community of converts. “We then knew we needed to build this village a church,” Daniel says. “We built the body for the church before we ever built the building.” Daniel said there are several churches that participate in the mission work; churches in Nacogdoches, Gladewater, Tenaha and more. “I lead at least two mission trips a year down there. Last year we did two trips and had members from our church, plus six other churches that went with us,” he says. The couple says one major thing the children and adults in the village look forward to, is Vacation Bible School. While the children partake in Vacation Bible School, Daniel and the missionary team teach to the parents as well, while they wait for their kids to finish with their lessons and crafts. “They love crayons. They love stickers and coloring pages, just simple crafts. They don’t have stuff like that,” says Rebecca. “Not only that, the moms love to sit and color with their kids too.” Daniel says he requires nine hours of cultural and gospel training before partaking in the nineday mission trip in Central America. “We don’t take away from the culture, we don’t try and go over there and Westernize anything,” says Daniel. “We want to respect their culture. We just want to add the Gospel to what they already have. So they can see the difference spiritually while we help them physically.” “What’s awesome is, we have somebody to follow up with when we leave the village,” says Daniel. “It was a long time ago when I led that ten year-old boy to the Lord. He is now in his thirties and he is the Pastor of that church we built.” Through the many years of mission work in Belize, Dee, Rebecca and the missions have provided the villagers with necessities of all sorts. Everything from sewing machines and fabric to sew new clothes, wells with spouts to have access to clean water, scholarships to attend schools and churches to study the Gospel in. The couple’s mission work will continue on with the help from their new non-profit coffee shop. “We don’t just go do a mission. We provide a whole life ministry,” says Daniel. Located at 588 N. 1st street in Timpson, W. Dee Daniel and Rebecca have made their coffeeshop funded mission trips come true by opening Beans & Ice. AT A GLANCE WHAT: Beans & Ice: Gourmet Coffee and Shaved Ice WHO: Locally owned and operated by W. Dee and Rebecca Daniel WHERE: 588 N. 1st St. Timpson, TX 75975 WHEN: Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. PHONE: (936) 645-8550 FACEBOOK: @Beansandice Business MATTERS | 2020 Fall Edition 21