Business Matters 2020 - Page 18

OMNI Environmental Solutions continues serving a variety of energy industry needs with staff and a fleet on duty 24/7. says. “As far as the COVID, we’ve been very fortunate,” Lenny says. “Our people have social distanced and have worn masks and I have to give credit to Bobby as our plant manager, because he’s been on top of all of that.” Among the adjustments the company has made, are these: • Implemented COVID questionnaires and temperature checks at the beginning of each shift; • Masks have been made available; hand sanitizer stations set up; and the cleaning and desanitizing of offices, trucks and equipment was implemented. Lenny says the company continues to make changes with the evolving mandates with company officials constantly monitoring local and national news. The OMNI company employ portal, with information for staffers on a variety of areas, is updated regularly with COVID information. Employees have that information available through an app on their phones. How hard was OMNI’s work industry affected? • Oil prices dropped to a record low, which causes some oil companies to cease drilling and some to pause operations; • Employee staffing was reduced mainly by not replacing employees who resigned; • Diesel was stored rather than sold to wait while oil prices recovered. Lenny says routine operations for the firm’s sales staff, who were routinely on rig sites assessing needs with clients, changed drastically. “Now all of their business has been done from home and on the phone,” he says. “It’s been different, but we’ve been very fortunate in that we’ve been able to maintain our business,” Lenny says. “This company has been very fortunate, while we’ve lost some business because some of the rigs have moved or shut down. Some rigs could not get the equipment they needed from vendors, it just shut down.” Between a combination of the COVID and drop in oil prices, Lenny estimated the company’s Haynesville operations have lost about 25 customers. “One thing I want to say is there’s nothing like thanking the good Lord for protecting us all, it has been a blessing,” Lenny says. The company’s core values, referred to as “RISE” have continued to serve OMNI well in the turmoil of 2020. “Our company is one based on respect, integrity, safety and excellence,” he says. OMNI has had operations in Center and the Haynesville Shale area for 11 years. “We expect to be here for a long, long time,” Lenny says. “We’re doing everything in our power to protect our people and those we work with and we expect to continue doing that.” 18 Business MATTERS | 2020 Fall Edition