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Nursing homes and skilled living and rehabilitation centers have been at the epicenter of much of the focus of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic in Texas in 2020. East Texas and Shelby County have been no different. While some facilities in other areas have been hard hit by confirmed cases, Shelby County’s Focused Care of Center has avoided the worst of the pandemic. But it still has had its challenges and Focused Care has not been immune from COVID-19. In Center, Jessica Davis and the professional staff at Focused Care of Center, know all too well the concerns of residents and their family members. As administrator and executive director at Focused Care, Jessica knows just how hard dealing with the COVID pandemic has been. “It’s been a challenge with lots of extra effort from everyone here,” she says. For a time there was a hallway dedicated to taking care of residents who had tested positive for coronavirus. As of early August the facility was classified as being COVID free, she says. Jessica says extraordinary times demand extraordinary people stepping up. She feels the Focused Care team has done just that. “During this pandemic we have worked on the front lines,” she says of her staff. But there have been many challenges, including dealing with both residents and their loved ones under difficult circumstances. “We had some opposition from families in the beginning when the governor mandated no visitors, and we understood that challenge, but we continued to stay focused and care for our residents as we always have,” Jessica says. The pandemic has had her, her staff and those across the nation forging ahead through uncharted territory as they learned more and heard more information about COVID. The fact there were sometimes conflicting accounts from health care agencies and leaders on how to deal Jessica Davis, Executive Director with the pandemic made handling it on the front lines even more challenging. “One day CDC (federal Centers for Disease Control) would send out requirements and two days later the requirements would change,” Jessica says. “Through the changes we acted swiftly, stayed professional and always compassionate.” According to Davis, Focus Care staffers had to figure out how to run things smoothly while dealing with staffing issues. Some were out sick, some required quarantine and many had to wear personal protective gear. “It really has taken lots of extra effort — things like the company providing meals to staff to lessen outside exposure,” she says. Davis says team members stepped up, wiped down “high touch” areas every hour and made sure residents had social events to keep them from going “stir crazy.” In the facility’s corner with advice and assistance, has been its parent company based in Fort Worth. Focused Post Acute Care Partners over the summer announced a major investment in equipment and supplies to keep it’s facilities clean and safe. The parent firm secured MediClean Pro equipment and supplies, a customized treatment protocol registered safe and effective by the federal government’s leading environmental protection agency to treat areas potentially exposed to the coronavirus. Center’s Focused Care was among the long term care communities to use the protocol to disinfect surfaces and provide maximum effectiveness and germ sanitization, according to Mark McKenzie, founder of FPACP. “Prior to the pandemic, Focused Care invested in several measures to reduce the rate of infection among the vulnerable residents to whom we provide care, and in light of this highly contagious and unpredictable virus, we have stepped up our efforts and our investment in protecting the health and safety of our residents AT A GLANCE WHAT: Focused Care of Center Nursing Home WHO: Jessica Davis, Executive Director WHERE: 501 Timpson Street Center, TX 75935 HOURS: Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year PHONE: (936) 598-2483 WEBSITE: Center.html FACEBOOK: @FocusedCareofCenter Business MATTERS | 2020 Fall Edition 13