Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 | Page 11

When creating your own action video, follow a few simple rules and you too can be shooting for the stars. words, but actions, emotions, and angles are all scripted to make your shoot go and smooth. Analysis – What is your project and who are you hoping will see it? Are you hoping to sell a product (real estate), or video an event (wedding, festival, party, sporting event, etc.)? Participants – Who are the people, animals or props that will be needed for your shoot? If you know all of the parties that will be involved before you start you can save time in the future. The Shoot – Now it’s time to pull out the drone, get to your shoot location, and start shooting your video. The Finish – Once you have all of your film, it is time to sit down and put it all together, adding sounds and music as needed. Script – Even if there are no actual humans involved in the making of your video, knowing the types of shots and the angles that you want and need before you start keeps your video professi