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Welcome back to the second issue of Business Growth Connections magazine ! Thank you for your returning readership , or if you ’ re new here — hello ! As you may or may not know , October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month , making it the perfect time to take a closer look at your cybersecurity protocols and ensure they ’ re truly protecting your business from any potential ( if not imminent ) cyber threats .

Over the past few years , cybercrime has grown into a trillion-dollar industry , meaning businesses must take proactive measures to protect themselves — sooner rather than later . It also means you need to be working with an IT firm that ’ s in tune with the evolving cybersecurity landscape and always puts you one step ahead . Thankfully , for small to mid-sized businesses throughout central Indiana , that ’ s where our dedicated and knowledgeable team of cybersecurity and IT experts at AVC Technology come in . In our opinion , if your MSP doesn ’ t focus on cybersecurity , you should find another MSP ( or schedule a call with us !).
Although it ’ s fantastic that October has been dedicated to bringing awareness to cybersecurity , AVC Technology knows that cybersecurity is , in fact , a year-round , ongoing concern for businesses of all sizes and maturity levels . In other words , cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue , it ’ s a business issue . Not only that but cybercrime can strike at any time , especially when you least expect it .
For example , cybercrime rates almost always skyrocket during the holidays when people ’ s guards are down and enjoying some time off . Cybercriminals know that people are waiting for their online orders or working remotely ,
and they take advantage of this with an increased number of phishing emails or other cybersecurity scams . So , a word of warning from AVC Technology : be diligent against potential cyber threats this season , both personally and professionally . And if you ’ d like more information on our thoughts regarding cybersecurity and how to effectively implement strategies within your business , be sure to check out our latest feature in the MSP Cybersecurity magazine .
Enclosed in the rest of this issue , you ’ ll find articles from various thought leaders whose insights ( when applied correctly ) can help your business grow and thrive . Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss goes over three tactics to avoid during your next negotiation to take back control and help you make life-changing deals . Discovery Channel ’ s Mike Rowe discusses how he came to host the iconic show Dirty Jobs and what he ’ s learned throughout his career regarding the power of authenticity to influence your audience . World-class customer service consultant John DiJulius explains why creating an emotional connection with your clients in today ’ s digital world is the key your business needs to see continued , long-term success . On page 15 , we illustrate the importance of cybersecurity training for your employees with some shocking statistics . We then provide a framework for engaging them in the training process using interactive activities .
With that , we hope you enjoy the magazine , and happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month !
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