Business Fit Magazine September 2019 Issue 1 | Page 2

Autumn is here and we learn again. them affect us. Seasons of seasons ... episodes, chapters of a beautiful life, It is amazing how time passes depending on your emotions, right? When you are having a bad time or you are not enjoying what you’re doing, the time stops. Seconds drag by, you check the clock expecting an hour to have passed instead you find that barely five minutes have elapsed. But when you are doing something you love, like sharing some precious time with a loved one, it is the complete opposite, time flies past, hours disappear in seconds and there isn’t enough time in the day. We have only this one life, the one we remember, the one we are conscious of, so we must do our best to make the very most of it. Exercise is the best way to keep our energy levels high, our endorphins coursing though our bodies, making us feel happy and on top of that, we become fit. Twice this year I have been invited to collaborate in anthology books, which was a great honour. I searched for something to write about and decided I would talk about something from my life. Not because I believe I am extraordinary, but because I firmly believe that by telling my story, someone else may be able to take something away from it and that it might help them in their life. I am aware that all of our lives are filled with dramas, happiness, sadness, joy and so much more. I do believe we are learning now to focus on doing those things we love, even though that means that time will pass much quicker. So we must take advantage of those moments, feel them with every cell in our bodies. There will always be bad times too and we must learn to keep breathing, breathe deeply and not let We should practice meditation, helping us to visualise our life and make things happen. Breathe deeply when you feel emotional. But most importantly, never give anyone the power to ruin your life, never give them permission to have power over you, your time, your life. It is your life, so live it well. And what about healthy eating? I love travelling and due to my work, do it often. Sometimes it is really hard to get a good meal when you need it, rushing from one appointment to another. So keep healthy by taking vitamins, otherwise your body will not be able to support you and you will end up becoming ill and having to spend a few days to recover, even though you want to try and keep going, your body will tell you – enough! So it is vital you look after yourself. And last but not least, remember to practice the two Ls – Love and Laughter. You are here to remember, to enjoy, and to love one another as much as you love yourself. Bring it on Autumn. Verónica Sosa Publisher 3