Business Coaching Canberra July 2013

ISSUE 1 JULY 2013 Business Coaching Canberra Tony Ozanne.....‘more than a Business Coach” Coaching = Win Did you know that most successful entrepreneurs have a coach or mentor behind them who has helped facilitate the success? Can you think of any successful sporting teams or individuals who have reached the highest level of success without a coach behind them? Maybe there is something in these facts...coaches are not a sign of failure, they are a tool for showcasing your success and commitment to grow. Why not have a look for a coach who suits your business today? Do you ‘lead’ or ‘manage’? There are many articles written about leadership and management and what makes a great leader or a great manager, but how do these terms really relate to small business and the role the small business owner has? I was listening to an interview today on a plane, and unfortunately I cannot reference who it was as I missed the start but caught the middle part of the discussion and it was all about this topic. One of the definitions given was well received by me and went something like this. “Management is nothing to do with people. It is all about the processes, systems, procedures and tasks necessary to run the business. If you think about it, we do ‘manage’ the execution of tasks, but does this make us a manager or just an effective and strong leader? Leadership is all about the people and how we motivate, inspire, drive, respond and change behaviors.” To Read the full article and to add your thoughts visit the blog post directly. Do you lead or manage FULL POST