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BUSHVELD UTOPIA SUMMER PLACE 5PA5 AND BATHS 011 463 7775 ABOVE: An invitation to pure luxury. The compact Parisienne was designed to meetthe popular appeal ofthe oval jetted bath with soft lines to pamperyou. The Parisienne features convex backrests for armchair comfort, six 90 litre per minute Summer Place Centre Air Jets. The jets are strategicaily located for deep massage to benefit the whole body. The Parisienne comes in two lengths, 1700 and 1800mm. Designed for two adults to face each other; the convex backrests make this the most comfortable oval jetted bath on the market. BELOW: This glamorous dressing room was fitted with Royale Mahogany Melamine, in a textured variation. All built-in cupboards and vanities were treated with the same materials. lt is a glamorous and sophisticated room designed personally for the owners. All drawers and cupboards fit the owners' specifications and allow for perfect organisation, EC WOODWORTH 012 811 0087 - where Afro tlles and wood furnishings and cupboards have been housed in a modern arrangement. When modern-day stresses impact on our lives as they do, Africa and the bush are not just luxuries, but welcome ln enhancing our wellbeing. This home is about living in a dream in an African element, *^ BUSHVELD UTOPIA PROFESSIONALS: Francois Mynhardt Civil deve opment and project ffranagement CONTACTS: African Reed - reeded ceiling 082 89 6 91 12, specialists wwwafrica nreed.co.za Creetkor - swimming pool and rock poo specialists 012 541 0435, EC -- 082894 2012 Woodworth - carpenters .' -.- :E2 184 9628, ecwoodworth@hotmail,com '- Fingerprint of Africa - carpentry , : ::E and joinery specialists 0546, vdwal@lantic.net Francois Mynhardt Civil - ce,,,elopment and project management - -- 3: ; :-3r',:rcc s€ mynhardt.co,za Skinner Calleries - ari special : sts t: 9la -r862 f:Kinner€ mweb.co.za Summer Place Spas and Baths - spa bath spec a ists ,.. ra3 -rr-: i3r 571 8382,021 510 0565 sA Home owner I MAY 2006 | 117