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BUSHVETD UTOPIA to be within nature. Outside, views were pinpointed, with the entertainment area surrounding a rock pool, and patio furniture set out ready to enjoy the bush, The outdoor furniture is tastefully crafted out of tree stumps and glass, and safari textiles have been used. This feeling of a bushveld lodge cannot be missed as you wander through the rest of the house. The high thatch ceilings only enhance the sense of Africa. lmposing rock pillars support these roofs and tie in wonderfully with the thatch look. Where floors are not marbled, wood is used, and an eclectic modern-African m6lange is powerfully poignant. Wood does not just remain on the floors, but follows through in entirety to the kitchen, wine-rack and staircase, even upstairs in the dressing room, The wood is timeless SKINNER CALLERIES 082 926 0862 and has a very eleqant contemporary effect, Artworks which feature through the house depict well'known African objects and scenes. Where classical furniture has been used, African touches have been dropped in, to maintain the African theme throughout. This dynamic is prominent in the form of scatter cushions, candlesticks, stuffed zebra, and ostrich eggs. Upstairs, modern design comes to the fore more than it cioes in the living areas. All the bedrooms are cosily fitted. The bathrooms are left to bring back Africa, with looks used more frequently in our game lodges. Even the dressing rooms make you feel like African royalty ABoVE LEFI: The result of Skinner Galleries' FINCERPRINT OF AFRICA 013 238 0546 effort was that the interior and exterior of the house complemented one another. The oil painting on genuine hide and the metal sculpture mounted on the wall incorporated the bushveld surroundings with remarkable result. A subtle touch of metal, brass, quills, leather, wood and ostrich eggs enhanced the desired African effect. CENTRE LEFT: ln the kitchen, EC Woodworth worked wonders again. The theme of Black wood was continued. Although this time, the use of granite countertops makes an interestin g shift, as usually all this wood could imply a farmhouse effect. Modern furniture has also been chosen to further contrast with the old-world look. A refreshing statement all in all. OfAfrica designed and manufactured this unique bar for the owners. The toughened glass top creates the impression offunctional artwork. The Leadwood and Monkeythron which were used in the construction ofthe bar were actually saved from a fire, giving them a new lease on life. LEFT: Fingerprint 115 | sn uome owner I MAY 2006