Burdekin Dry Tropics Community Action Plan | Page 2

Executive Summary

The Burdekin area is one of the five coastal regions along the Great Barrier Reef shoreline developing a Community Action Plan that will improve community engagement in strategically planning , implementing , monitoring , and celebrating reef resilience actions .
NQ Dry Tropics was resourced by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to develop the Community Action Plan in partnership with Reef Ecologic . The Community Action Plan process used the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation to develop long-term collective impact projects to protect biological values of the Great Barrier Reef .
Workshops held at Townsville and Ayr fostered collaborative conversations between Traditional Owners , coastal and marine community groups , youths , management agencies , NRM groups and local councils to build “ roadmaps ” for change . Roadmaps were developed for six priority strategies :
• Increasing Fish Habitat in Townsville ,
• Reducing Bycatch of Marine Turtles in the Net Fishery at Wunjunga ,
• Reducing Feral Predation on Marine Turtle Nests at Cape Upstart ,
• The Beach Reprofiling for Turtle Nesting Success at Wunjunga ,
• Wetland Restoration in Ayr , and
• Riparian Restoration in Townsville
Pilot project plans based on strategies in the roadmaps will be developed into early 2021 with key project partners .
Citation : NQ Dry Tropics and Reef Ecologic . 2020 . Burdekin Community Action Plan . Townsville QLD .