Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 99

regulations related to spa business. This course includes field trips. ITM 242 In-flight Passenger Service (3 credits) This course explores the roles and importance of flight attendants. Students have opportunities to practice service skills in food and beverage, safety practices, and other tasks required before take off, during the flight, and after landing. ITM 243 Gastronomy of the World (3 credits) A study of the history of various national foods, foods for special occasions, food culture of different countries and uniqueness in national food. This course includes field trips. ITM 244 Digital Photography for Tourism Promotion (3 credits) This course provides the theories and techniques of digital photography to be used as a promotional tool in hotel and tourism business for item like menu, brochures, and website. The class will be in computer lab and will include field trips. ITM 245 Travel Writing (3 credits) This course explores techniques and various styles of writing for sharing travel experiences and knowledge of various aspects such as culture, tourist destinations, livelihoods, foods, or festivals. Students have a chance to practice travel writing based on their interest. ITM 246 Selling and Negotiation Skills (3 credits) ITM 247 Introduction to Wine Appreciation (3 credits) ITM 248 Customer Handling Skills (3 credits) ITM 249 Health and Wellness Tourism (3 credits) A study of the roles and responsibilities of sales- people that examines working processes, systemic and effective selling techniques, and customer management strategies in order to maximize the customer satisfaction. This course aims to provide knowledge about the history, origin and types of wines covering topics such as the production process, storing wine, reading labels and wine selection. Students also learn how to pair food with an appro- priate wine, wine tasting, wine opening and serving, and wine and health issue. This course includes field trips. This course aims for students to understand the role and importance of customers in hotel and tourism businesses covering topics including service theories, customer satisfaction through service and complaint handling. A study of integrating tourism to health and wellness businesses in various forms, such as hospitals, spas, resorts, and aesthetic clinics. The course also examines tourism management strategies for health and wellness. This course includes field trips. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 97