Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 95

ITM 224 Human Resource Management (3 credits) A study of human resource management concepts and practices in tourism industry including manpower planning, recruitment and selection process, training and development of human resources, team working, perfor- mance evaluation, benefits and welfare management, incen- tive, workforce relation and related employment laws. based destinations, historical destinations, and livelihoods are explored in order to plan tourism development accordingly. ITM 213 Accounting and Financial Management for Tourism Business (3 credits) ITM 214 Sustainable Tourism (3 credits) (3 credits) This course provides a general background in accounting principles for the purposes of planning, decision making, and controlling tourism business operations to achieve the highest benefits for organizations. The study includes accounting databases, internal financial control for good governance, business financial analysis, general knowl- edge about capital, cost-benefit analysis, breakeven point analysis, budgeting for profit and investment planning, and general knowledge about taxes for profit and operation planning in tourism business. ITM 311 Laws and Professional Ethics for Tourism Industry (3 credits) ITM 321 Information Technology for Tourism Industry (3 credits) Prerequisite: Passed IIT 202 or Dean’s Approval This course provides knowledge about information technology system and database management related to the tourism business with the application of ready-made computer programs. The study is hands-on in computer lab. A study of sustainable tourism concepts is investi- gated, including principles of sustainable tourism manage- ment, tourism planning and development regarding the economic, cultural, and environmental impact, and roles of government and private sectors in sustainable tourism development. This course includes field trips. ITM 212 World Geography for Tourism (3 credits) ITM 221 Logistics for Tourism Industry This course aims to provide knowledge about laws and regulations related to the tourism business including tax law, custom law, transportation law, and environmental law along with the ethics of entrepreneurism in the tourism industry. This course provides an overview of Thai and global geography, landscape characteristics, climate zones, and ethnic groups. The correlation between the geographical conditions and tourism management in both local and international tourism destinations, especially in the natural- Prerequisite: Passed ITM 121 or Dean’s Approval This course explores the application of logistics knowledge relating to cargo transportation of tourism products, services distribution, parcel and package delivery, logistics insurance, logistics laws and regulations, demand BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 93