Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 94

Professional Internship (13 credits) All students are required to take 4 credits of First Internship as following courses; ITM 312 Internship Preparation for 1 Tourism Industry ITM 331 Internship I 3 After passing the First Internship, students are required to take another 9 credits ITM 414 Career Preparation for 3 Tourism Industry ITM 421 Internship I 6 Course Description: International Tourism Management ITM 121 Introductions to Tourism Industry (3 credits) This course provides an introduction to concepts and elements of the tourism industry. Various resources for tourism and related industries, impacts on and developments in the tourism industry and modern styles of tourism business are also explored. This course includes field trips. ITM 122 Introduction to Lodging Business (3 credits) A study of the evolution and characteristics of various types of lodging business such as hotels and resorts, including the management, functions, responsibilities and relationships between various departments. This course includes field trips. 92 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL ITM 123 Introduction to Airline Business (3 credits) ITM 211 Service Psychology (3 credits) ITM 222 Cross Cultural Communication Skills (3 credits) ITM 223 Tourist Behavior (3 credits) A study of the history and importance of airline business along with knowledge of aerial geography, arrange- ment of timetables, ticketing, air fare calculation, passenger services, reservations, regulations of immigration and emigra- tion, air cargo transportation, and international agreements related to airline business. Field trips are provided. This course explores the psychological concepts and theories related to the service industry. Human relations for service and factors that influence service satisfaction are explored. Applications of psychological theories to improve the service process are also investigated. This course explores various forms of communica- tion skills based on cultural difference with the aim to improve students’ confidence and personality to achieve professionalism in tourism industry. Skills studied include introducing oneself, social etiquette, personality development, and public speaking skills. This course explores the key factors influencing tourist behaviors, tourist decision-making processes, different tourist behaviors in various countries, regions, and cultures, and tourist behavior trends. The aim is to develop the appro- priate strategies to serve the demands of the tourists.